My personal list of shit jobs:

Before started college:

Trainee Accountant (two weeks) – I was just sitting around and listening to grown women gossip all day. It was pure torture as they wanted me to participate as I was the only man there. I left screaming out the door almost.

Computer assembler (2 months) – It was fun at the start, but became too repetitive and quantity was the name of the game, not quality. No wonder so many people brought the computers back during warranty 🙂

Computer import van driver (2 months) – Same company, but this was actually fun, we were the fastest moving vehicles on the free-ways – fully loaded vans with computer equipment racing in the middle of the night from Austria and lying to the customs of what we really had in the back (it was company policy) 🙂

Butcher helper (3 weeks) – was unloading cow parts and pig halves to get processed, was making sausages, etc and selling pig halves to people who wanted to freeze them for winter. The environment was so full of meat residue and so cold that I broke out with massive acne all over my face during it, so I stopped and the pay was shit. I still have a picture of my face in that time somewhere.

Mars bar, Pedigree pet food salesman (3 months) – This was probably the most soul crushing job I ever had in terms of lowering my confidence in my sales ability. After posting a record first month, the boss negated my achievements (he was afraid of me upstaging him I guess) and re-assigned me to the worst shit area that you could ever imagine. After trying to improve the sales there I succeeded, but the office politics and horrible predatory attitudes drove me away. I was the first to leave from my crop of salesman, then I met many on the streets afterwards and they all quit as well 6 months down the road. What took them so long to see what I saw on week 1?

Tile and bathroom retail salesman (7 months) – This was one of the easiest jobs ever, until I had to lift packets of tiles when someone bought, or when the shipments came in. Having scoliosis meant that I left after they fired the warehouse guy and expected me to lift heavy tile packets and do it for no extra pay on top of it.

Warehouse employee and salesman of FAKE flowers (5 days) – worst job ever, the bastard never paid me either, even though he knew my father. A total scammer.

During college:
Subway manager (1 month or so) – Took the job because I was offered one, didn’t really need it, but the early AND late food prep hours were killing my energy (and looks:) ), as I am not a morning person at all, so I quit.

Website designer (2 years)- not a shit job really, but slow-lane as you can get

Pizza delivery at Domino’s (a week or so) – wasn’t bad once I was on the road. A lot of people want to scam you once you get there “This is all I have.” They could always find another 50c after I started to walk away 🙂 It was then that I learned how small-minded people can be. It’s not even worth my time opening my mouth to “save” 50c, much less face humiliation. Geez.

After college:
College computer help desk at the same university I graduated (1 year) – Loved the technical side, learned a whole lot, but hated the people, who thought we should be treated like butlers not co-workers. Thankfully I got a promotion.

Computer networks engineer at the same university I graduated (1 year) – enjoyed that job very much, but office politics drove me nuts and away eventually. The same guy who gave me the jobs, turned out to be a nice guy overall, but completely incapable of taming down the office politics – in fact he liked a good ass kissing. Nice guys don’t make good managers.

Computer network engineer (1 month) – another company. Took the job just to be able to get a loan for a house, but then I changed my mind about buying the house on credit and basically coasted through the end of the month and got fired, just to get unemployment benefits up till the time I started my own business. Come to think of it, this was the only time in my life I ever got fired.

After that went on my own and stopped with the shit jobs…