A lot of startup entrepreneurs think that by partnering with a designer or coder is the way to go. Some of the time it is IF you are a coder yourself and you know this guy for at least a year or so (compatible personalities, skillset, work ethic, mutual respect…).

But, if you are a sales oriented person then having technicians as partners will clash.

My route if I didn’t know how to code:

1) Sell first, get pre-orders (could be done with crowdfunding)
2) Seek funding based on concept and pre-orders (being a newby in business is fine in this instance as you actually have pre-orders or even firm orders)
3) Hire technicians
4) Build quickly only with features pre-order clients want
5) Sell pre-orders to orders
6) Refine, measure, get feedback, add…
7) Roll out worldwide and repeat no.6 into perpetuity